Trainer is a interactive cycling installation which allows you cycle virtually with other people around world. The virtual trainer Ming can assists you for the use of the system and planned training programme.

Through a digital camera, boxes and microphone on the bike you can have contact (speech, vision, sound) with other riders with who you’re riding. This will provide the user social element which can be supportive as motivation. On the screen in front of user personal chosen surroundings or other riders can be projected. The installation can play the chosen music and can provide speech of other riders. The interface on your bike will give feedback about you personal condition and information of what is  the next step of your training programme.

On working prototype the physical bike was equipped with a touch screen and sensors on the handle bar and seat. A computer is linked to it, on which the designed programme will run.

The focus was on intelligence, in the science of the social interaction between user and product as well as other users. Because the system is knowledgeable about the domain (training) and about the user (e.g. desirable heart beat frequency related to a certain condition or training program) it can adapt its reaction. The ‘learning’ and/or ‘adaptation’ loop was designed.