I worked with Opalio B.V. which obtains a patent for energy sustainable, outdoor communication rotor device. In this project I've aimed to translate and extend this patent idea in to product design and innovation.

Stages of
Design & Prototyping


The project evolves around a new visual communication experience through spinnXS medium. This new visual experience fits in a digital signage and narrow casting market context.

Rotors have been often used as a communication means. Due to being exposed to the wind, rotors are brought into motion as a result of which they draw the attention of the public. A drawback of these rotor banners is that the information on them is static and does not change in color and composition.

A further drawback of the known signboards, flags or rotors is that they are not properly visible in twilight or in the dark, unless external illumination or an internally placed separate background illumination is used. Thus the signboards, flags or rotors become dependent on power supply as a result of which the advantage of a separate and independent placement is largely lost. The project comprises some innovations to improve on these issues.

Analysis of important aspects of the design context such as the patent, market, Interaction between parties, related technologies and energy sustainability issues formed the design framework. SpinnXS, the final design, is an advertisement rotor for retailers. SpinnXS is design as a traffic generator for retail shops.

Its wind surface is replaced with electronic display surface to communicate new promotions and special offers with the potential customers. And spinnXS is designed in a way that it can be carried out easily on its wheels to place it in front of shop where it can be seen easily by the potential customers.

It has smart visual content management and content pull system which provides the optimal visual conditions under different contextual changes such as wind, light and audiences to communicate efficiently with its audiences. It has audience detection system which allows spinnXS to react with visual content while an audience approaches close to spinnXS medium.

The owner of the spinnnxs can interact with the medium through computer software which forms an interface and communication platform on Bluetooth wireless connection. Further on this software provides templates and visual database to led the inexperienced owners to translate their message in to visual content more efficiently.