Lighting Design

I've designed couple of colorful light emitting objects in different forms. Each one is in simple geometric form. That's why I called them "The Cube", "The Cylinder" and "The Sphere".

For the one's which demands LED lighting technology I've designed a new printed circuit board (PCB). "The Cube"'s and "The Cylinder"'s designs are revised to able to manufacture them for the ambience lighting market.













"The Cube" consists of three cubic shaped pieces in compact package. I've used expanded poly styrene (EPS) material to achieve diffusion effect on the surface of each cubic boxes. Each box has a switch touch sensor beneath the top surface. By simply touching and holding the hand on each box the user can change its emitting color. Also each group of boxes has one master box which let the user change the color of all boxes in once. The interaction with two boxes in the same time adds more functionality on their color presentation. Check the video for its interactivity.


"The Cylinder"'s main forming material is expanded aluminum metal. I like the reflection and interference of LED's light beams on the patterned material. Some extra diffusive material added as an experimental design. These cylinder like light emitting objects designed to have user interface by button, potentiometer and sliders. For instance one of the designed version has three adjusters on top. One is for main color, one is for setting color difference between bottom, mid and top levels. And the last one for adjusting color change dynamics by time.(static-dynamic changes)


"The Sphere" idea came to me by the inspiration from our main energy source, the sun. I wanted to achieve spherical light effect by the combination of many 25W bulbs. I started with the target to use a hundred of them but because of labor demanding job and heat sink problems I decided to optimize it with total of 21 bulbs. It sums in total over 500 Watt light source. I've modified its dimmer to limit the energy consumption between 0-100 Watt.

Special Thanks to Eren Adak and Ozgun Erdem for their contribution in design and manufacturing process.