Kuub - Masterly Living

Kuub design team consisted of 6 people.
We designed prefabricated houses for HCI which is a processing company in composite materials and has a lot of knowledge about the production of large high-quality products in small series. The design proposal we offer was a suitable temporary housing complex for student-starters, called masterly living.

All the visualizations represented here selected from my own work.

Masterly living offers 24 living rooms per complex. Student-starters can rent one or more rooms and share or have individual facilities. Even small families can start off in this complex by renting half of a level.

The complex is build up from a social point of view by having a common staircase in the middle. From the middle on towards the outside of the building, the rooms become more individual. The inhabitant can determine him / herself to what extend he / she likes to have contact with the other inhabitants.

A complex can easily stand on its own, but can also be combined with other complexes in a straight line while at the same time the nice appearance is maintained. 

Within this design solution, the focus is put on 3 points of attention; cost reduction, added value and first step towards starter market.

The complex gives the opportunity to reduce costs by sharing technical units, centralizing the infrastructure, and reducing walls. Value is added to the concept by means of designing a complex as a whole instead of single units, the social core philosophy and by means of the various possible configurations. Because of these different configurations, a first step towards the total starter market has been undertaken as well.