Crea360 Alive Photography

Crea360 is the brand name for our interactive spherical photo works. I've designed and manufactured a new equipment to automate the 360 photography. This new apparatus allows to have series of spherical photos by time interval.















Crea360's vision is to create and implement ideas for new virtual tour experiences. To do that  we collage the existing technologies and if it is needed we develop it further. In recent panoramic(spherical) photo applications what you see is the reflection of that surrounding of a specific moment. This project's motivation is based on to enrich the experience of viewer by presenting sequences of captured moment. So Crea-Thick was born.

Crea360's Public Web Site

Crea-Tick is an good example of an electromachanic project.
The main function of Crea-Tick is to rotate the connected camera on its head set with accurate angle settings. It can send shutter command wirelessly. So that it makes possible to make photos in any direction as much as needed for whole day/night.

First trial in YTU Workshop

Its main frame is made out of aluminum material. It can safely support different size of SLR cameras in the market. It has microcontroller unit which allows user to define critical setting for shooting. The number of shots and time intervals in between can be easily adjusted by the help of it's console. It also allow user to take instant shots as well as programmed setting by it's internal timer. It has a sensor to minimize the tolerance for it's head rotational angle. Microcontroller can work in energy efficiently and thats why one rechargeable 9V battery can allow to have around 750 shots without its replacement.

So even though Crea-Tick is designed and manufactured for our individual productive use with these specs it is just ready for being in the market.

Special Thanks to Suat Kumas. I am delighted with his skillful contribution in Crea-Tick's manufacturing process.