I had an idea to create visual effects on wind turbine by placing LEDs on its wings. I introduced the idea to company called Ecofys which's head quarters located in Holland. They had already innovative mechanical design of a new urbine Turbine. I worked with them to turn the idea in to reality by implementing it on their actual turbine design.


Stages of
Design & Prototyping

The principle of this visual illusion is quite simple actually. Once wind turbine start to spins the colorful power LEDs on its wings start to flash in programmed sequence. More it spins faster, it refreshes new image on human eye's retina and you can see images on air. It can display different detailed affects depend on its turning frequency. So In many ways it could be used for communication. For instance to visualize the energy it's been generated by colorful metaphoric graphics or promotional adds.

While mechanical design team works on detailing new the urban wind turbine I leaded the idea implementation by detailing the user interface, circuit designs, prototyping stages.

Main board and LED bar circuits designed by us and manufactured in Malaysia. The hardware equipment purchased from different countries. For instance power LEDs purchased from Germany, Slip rings from U.K., wireless modem from U.S. and so on.

A GIF image converter software designed and written. By the help of new application by couple of simple steps it became possible to convert GIF image animations and upload it to Neoga-FX over wireless modem in the range of 1km distance.

LED bars designed to provide 256 RGB colors and extendable by later wishes. Before placing them in the wings of Neoga turbine a test setup installation was built. By means of test installation I could write LED display software and debug it on runtime over wireless modem.