I-Live is an advertisement and service medium in which virtual character is animated for real time interaction with surrounding people and consumers.

A group of three people, we are working on developing the idea further in to industrial product and business development.




I-Live animates a character on a display system, attracts the attention of the surrounding people that it perceives and encourages them towards humanlike communication. After maintaining the communication it transmits the desired message and services in the most effective way while preserving the attention level using interactive methods.

 As the transmitted content can be a message or have directing purposes, the device can also provide services such as taking photographs, retrieving information from yellow pages or making reservations. Interactive humanoid teller is a device that produces and animates multimedia scenarios in the state space based on a finite state model by processing the signs received by its sensors and cameras. In this way situation adaptable contents can be produced rather than condition dependant consecutive contents and the cognitive effect level of the information and message presented to the viewers is increased.



I am one of the founder member of Intech-3 organization which is working on commercializing I-Live.

Check Intech-3 website for further information.
Click to download I-Live brochure. (in Turkish)


Patent Pending